Dino & Diego Rosin

Dino & Diego Rosin

Born in Venice on May 30th 1948, Dino Rosin was taken by his family while he was an infant to live on Murano, the glass producing island in the Venice lagoon. After leaving school at the age of 12, Dino began working as the apprentice at one of the isle's oldest and most renowned glass factories "Barovier e Toso".

His love for glass working gave him the chance to quickly earn a reputation, his energetic spirit letting him express his enthusiasm when modeling this unique material.

In 1963, he joined his brothers Loredano and Mirco, already owners of the glass studio "Artvet". This experience allowed him to work on prestigious projects along side his brother as he trained and refined his own technique and style. In 1975, Loredano began his own studio and Dino followed to work side by side with him. It was here that Dino gained invaluable training in the handling of glass and it is here that he developed his creative talents. He worked hands on at each and every stage of the glass production from the combing of the raw materials to the cutting and grinding of large sculptures to the design element of new glass sculptures.

In 1991, Loredano passed away leaving the studio to his brother. Dino brought his own son Diego on board to pass on the traditions of glass blowing. In the years that ensued, Dino has won numerous awards for his designs and sculptures. His work is housed in numerous private and public collections world wide and his name has become synonymous with the highest quality and integrity in the fine art of Venetian glass blowing.

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