Nakisa Seika

Nakisa Seika

Nakisa Seika was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979. Her childhood was spent visiting museums and attending theatrical shows such as classical and modern ballet, musicals, opea, theatre and Kabuki. The drama and romance of these theatrical presentations left a lasting impression on Nakisa which is evident in her current artwork.

At only 15 years of age, Nakisa knew she wanted to travel abroad to pursue an art education in the United States. She made arrangements and accomplished her goal, arriving in the United States by the age of 17 where she finished high school in upstate New York. After spending three years in New York, Nakisa enrolled at the Atlanta College of Art and majored in painting. It was here that she also studied and explored the craft of sculpture, silkscreen printing and lithography.

After graduating from College, Nakisa began working as professional artist. Her artwork began to show the influence of her native country of Japan. She fine tuned her skills as a calligraphy artist and using the Chinese brush as well as other non-traditional tools, she embarked on a body of work which she calls her Oriental Gardens collection. The flowers in her works are powerful, yet simple and impressive. She combined her calligraphy skills with silver leafing techniques to create artwork which has clean line but is very striking, and her colors are dramatic and intense. The addition of resin to her works adds a reflective almost glass like quality which demands attention. Her works are bold and yet serene at the same time.

Nakisa's works are housed in numerous collections worldwide. Her work is hailed as exciting and innovative.

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