Michel Beauvais

Michel Beauvais

Born in 1961, Michel Beauvais is a prominent Vancouver Island sculptor who is a member of the Kahnawake Mohawk Band which is situated near Montreal, Quebec. Michel grew up in Ste-Adele, a small town in the Laurentian mountains, and was never far from the influence of the Mohawk community. Michel's mother who is of French Descent, always encouraged Michel to take the best of both cultures and it is this unique blend which gives direction both to his life as well as to his art.

Michel's passion for drawing was evident at a very young age. Although he first began carving soapstone at the age of 10, it was not until 1987 that Michel began to pursue his art on a full time basis. Through his sculpting, Michel has been able to develop his own unique style. It is this unique blending of the representational and the abstract that creates sculptures of unparalleled beauty. Working primarily in a variety of B.C. marbles, Michel manages to convey both serenity and strength in his sculptures. The glass-like sheen of Michel's finished sculptures highlight and add intensity to the natural inherent beauty of the stones he selects.

Michel takes pride in his heritage and finds great inspiration in the hopes and ideals of his forefathers, who are present at each blow of the chisel. Michel signs each work of art with his initials alongside a moose print, and by doing so, carries on the use of the Beauvais family mark.

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