Vincent Cordo

Vincent Cordo

Mixed media artist Vincent Cordo was born in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec in 1972. While on a stroll in the Old Montreal, Vincent met Lysanne Pepin, a Montreal painter who has her art studio on Saint-Paul Street. This encounter was to change his life forever. It also instigated a passion deep inside of him that, beforehand, he had no knowledge of. Another turning point in Vincent's life was seeing one of Toulouse- Lautrec's paintings. This provoked the artist in Vincent to emerge.

After 10 years of exploration, Vincent finally discovered a form of expression that he personified. Through the female character, Vincent's creative expression is brought forth. He attempts to capture the modern woman who has to co-exist with the many facets of everyday life. A modern woman who needs to be professional by day, mother in the evening, and mistress when night falls. The modern women must juggle with many different lives, and the modern woman is aware that life today offers nothing permanent. She must be in constant movement and always alert.

When one gazes upon one of Vincent's paintings, one is transported into a universe that is tinted with softness and voluptuousness. The atmosphere in his paintings is accentuated by the various mediums he uses; such as the glossy varnish, the insertion of words, and the wood pieces. All of these elements are there to enrapture the viewer. His women are sometimes charming, mystic, or imbued with desire. The settings in his paintings bring one to search the same momentary evasion and bliss that his female characters project.

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