Chester Fields

Chester Fields

As a child, growing up in the rustic ranch country of the Canadian and American Pacific Northwest, Chester Fields knew instinctively that he someday wanted to be a professional artist and also that the beauty and drama of nature would remain a center for his life. It has been through his highly acclaimed career both as a wildlife painter and sculptor, that Chester has been able to successfully combine both of his life long loves.

With a critical eye for detail and inborn energy and technical skill, Chester has been able to capture the very essence of the life force of the birds he chooses to sculpt. The meticulous detail of his sculptures suddenly flow together seeming to capture the illusion of endless movement. Chester has acquired an expanding list of recognition's which includes receiving the Best Sculpture Award at the prestigious C.M. Russell Art Show in 1985 for his magnificent "Splashdown".

In addition, Chester has been accepted into the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, "Birds in Art" exhibit and tour of major national museums in 1986, the Western Rendezvous of Art by the Montana Historical Society, the Wildlife Artists of the World Society, and many other recognition too numerous to mention. As Chester persists in creating breathtaking and spectacular works of art, he reminds all of us of the importance and beauty of nature.

Through his innate technical skill as a artist, Chester protects and preserves a very important part of our heritage for future generations. Chester is an artist with a vision.

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