Michael Iwasaki

Michael Iwasaki

Michael Iwasaki's goal is to create Fine Art Photographs for the enjoyment of others in their homes and offices. A Fine Art Photograph is defined as an image that is created in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer as artist. For him, to only have one medium is not enough. This includes using only the best materials for not only print, but framing as well.

For Michael, a work of art is primarily the product of a person, not a machine. For this reason, an image printed straight from the original capture is unsatisfying. Such an image represents the output of the camera and not the expression of the artist's own emotions and feeling when the image was originally captured in the environment as the artist remembers it.

As a photographer, Michael has the ability to select lighting conditions, photographic equipment combined with other technicalities of the photographer. One aspect he does not have much control over during the image capture process is the artistic component. There are limitations that any equipment, on its own, simply cannot capture.

As an artist, part of Michael's satisfaction is working on the image after it has been captured, to a state that he wants his audience to feel, just as if they were there at that exact moment. This means the creativity begins after the moment has been captured. It is to this end that he does to the image everything that he feels is necessary to re-create the moment and time as he saw it. A few of his adjustments include color balance, contrast and enhancing of shadow and highlight details. He tries to portray the feeling of open, glowing light rich in color, or mysterious shadows.

Another aspect of Michael's creativity includes the capturing of multiple exposures to increase the range of light captured closer to what the human eye can see, rather than a single limited exposure. On occasion he will remove elements that he feels are unaesthetic to the image. Such elements may include stray branches, or human influences that should not be in nature to begin with (trash, etc).

The goal behind Michael's work is to create believability and not create reality. In other words, create an image that represents something that is believable, that one can consider possible, even though one may not quite find this exact same image in nature. His image sizes are purposely large, using only the best of materials available.

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