Rodney Kolausok

Rodney Kolausok

Born in Inuvik in 1970, Rodney Kolausok was raised in a creative home where his father, George Kolausok was a carver also. He spent many hours watching his father and imitating his work. Rodney started by carving wood and gradually moved into the more difficult soapstone. By the age of 18, Rodney was creating beautiful full size sculptures in stone.

While much of Rodney's training came at the foot of his father, Rodney also spent many hours in his cousin Leslie Firth's studio where he watched and learned the careful and delicate art of carving. His own style and sense of humour began to emerge in his work and he truly found his passion. From mythical scenes, to native designs, Rodney likes to keep his sense of humor alive by carving works that provoke thought.

Rodney's heritage (1/2 Inuvialuit (Eskimo) and 1/2 Gwich'in (Indian)) hails from the Northwest Territories (Mckenzie/Delta area). It is this heritage which reveals itself in his works. From his highly detailed soapstone sculptures of native hunters with bears to his humorous native figures, Rodney combines everyday life with his playful side. His characters are detailed and defined and skillfully executed in stone.

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