Ion (John) Rosca

Ion (John) Rosca

Born August 6, 1970 in the village of Dobrun, Romania, John Pop was creative even at the youngest age. John was the second of a family of four children. Three of his uncles are artists and John loved to watch them paint. He sat for hours on end at the foot of their easels watching them paint and sketch, eagerly longing for the day when he could paint along side them. That day soon came, and John has never looked back.

John graduated from public school where he was involved in various artistic studies including drama, art and choral music. After graduation John enrolled in the military where he was assigned to create signs and artwork for the military. In fact, his artwork was so well respected and appreciated, that he received several private commissions from high-ranking officers for their homes and offices. By the time John left the military, there was not one general who did not own a piece of his artwork.

Upon returning home, John attended advanced studies at the exclusive John Andreeseu University, in Cluj, Romania. During this time John was invited to join the prestigious and well-known group of Eastern European artists called "Pro Arte". This group consists of only thirty artists in various stages of their careers, and enrollment in this elite group is by invitation only. His involvement with Pro Arte allowed him to gain the necessary media exposure as well as invitations to art exhibitions. This took John's career to a whole new level. He was awarded "Outstanding Artist of the Year" and was asked to do several one-man showings of his work. His paintings now hang in public and private collections worldwide.

In June of 2001, John and his family left Romania. He fell in love with the beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia where he has taken up permanent residence. John realizes how fortunate he has been in his life to be able to professionally pursue a career that he is passionate about. He therefore gives back to the community through his involvement as a volunteer for several outreach programs, which provide assistance to the homeless and housebound.

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