Michael Redquest

Michael Redquest

Born August 23, 1960 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Michael Redquest was involved in the arts from the youngest of ages. Even as a child, Michael loved to color and paint, and was always involved in creative projects. He was a very "hands on" child always building and creating new things. He claims that his first one man show was held at the age of six when his first grade held a showing of art work. It was this feeling of "being an artist" which motivated him in later years to follow his dream. In later years, he held several one man shows in Toronto, Ontario. None was as inspirational or memorable as his first.

As Michael went to school, his favorite subject was the arts. He loved to experiment with various mediums and subjects. When Michael discovered three dimensional works to which he could add depth and dimension, he knew that he had found his niche. He explored many areas of carving and texture but it was when he began to work with clay that he became truly excited. Still living in Vancouver, Michael continues his craft as a clay artist.

Working primarily in B.C. clay, Michael creates his subjects which are filled with aspects of fantasy and whimsy. From his bright and colorful Harlequins to his monotone sumo wrestlers, Michael brings his humor to the foreground. One cannot look at his sculptures without smiling. They are delightful and charming and filled with expression. Each one different from the next, but each with a common element - humor.

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