Adolf Sehring

Adolf Sehring

Born in Russia to a German-Russian artist family, Adolf Sehring showed great talent even at the youngest age. Political upheaval in Europe forced his family to immigrate to the United States in 1949, where Adolf joined the US Army and served as a much decorated division artist. For the next 12 years Adolf ran a very successful business in the interior design business but his "life long love" of art kept drawing him back to painting. Internationally renowned for his realism and incredible use of light in his paintings, Adolf's paintings hang in many prestigious collections such as the Mellon Collection, Bayly Museum, Museum of St. Maries, Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Church History and many more.

As the only American Artist ever commissioned to paint a portrait of the Pope, Adolf's artwork also hangs in the Vatican Collection. Celebrated the world over for his paintings, Adolf's art is collected by discerning collectors in over 30 different countries. A Master of many art forms, Adolf runs his own printing studio therefore ensuring the integrity and quality of his fine art prints.

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