Christian Riese Lassen

Christian Riese Lassen


Christian R. Lassen is unique. A champion in two fields, "Chris is recognized for his accomplishments as an artist and as a surfer. Through years of hard work he has mastered both disciplines. His fluid painting style and dynamic surfing style have earned him world-wide recognition in both fields. Lassen is one of the worlds premiere marine artists, capturing elusive atmospheric effects of wind and water in the ever changing Hawaiian horizons.

Born March 11, 1956 in Mendacino, California , Chris moved to Maui at a very young age where he fell in love with the magic of the ocean and all that she had to offer. It was a natural progression for Chris to incorporate surfing (and windsurfing) and his love of the water into his artwork. Although known the world over for his "signature" above and below water images, Christian has evolved through a process of continuous experimentation. Over the last fifteen years he has continued to develop and refine new techniques, integrating those ideas that enhanced his art. His painstaking mastery of techniques have helped earn him the freedom to indulge his prodigious imagination. He has also incorporated three dimensional art into his portfolio through a series of limited edition bronze sculptures and sculptural furniture. Although his marine themes still prevail, the techniques involved in creating bronze sculptures have increased Chris Lassen's awareness of all aspects of three dimensional art forms.

Chris Lassen's commitment to maintain and improve the quality of the oceans is evident in his work with the SeaVision Foundation which he organized in 1990 and funds through his art work. In addition, The Chris Lassen Aloha Foundation was created in 1991 to assist individuals in need through homeless shelters, aids pediatric homes and other such establishments.

The thread that connect artists is their ability and freedom to respond to a vast array of influences. Like most moderns, Chris Lassen has studied the art of the past. Chris worked diligently to perfect the Old Dutch Masters' style of "glazing" - a time consuming technique, requiring the artist to put down many layers of pigment, separated by layers of clear lacquer. Each layer must be allowed time to dry, extending the process of creation. Yet, this style allows light to refract between different levels and distances in the image, mirroring its natural radiance. A complicated process, but one which adds an "inner light" to Chris' seascapes.

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