Javier Villarreal

Javier Villarreal

"Bronze is sensual and eternal, To work in this medium is to fulfill my spirit."

Javier Villarreal was born in Mexico City on March 21, 1943 into a family of six brothers and sisters. Of the Villarreal children, both he and his brother Victor showed early signs of creative aptitude, which was later reinforced at the University of Mexico City. In addition to his studies in design, Javier's great interest in chemistry and metallurgy eventually led to a degree in Metalogical Chemistry.

During his early career, Javier gained a highly regarded reputation as a master of industrial design. Form, composition and balance were trademarks of the Villarreal "look". And although lauded throughout North and South America for his award-winning industrial creations, Javier's romantic and artistic desires went unrealized.

While supervising industrial bronze works in 1960, Javier decided to leave this field and devote his career to his artistic pursuits. Opening his own foundry in Mexico City, he utilized his tremendous knowledge of bronze casting and dedicated his time to small-scale environmental sculpture. As his own talents flourished, Javier's foundry became an artistic "hotbed" for creative bronze casting. While he directed many of Mexico's most famous sculptors with the technical aspects of foundry work, his own aesthetic style evolved towards more figurative sculpture.

In 1984, Javier began a collaborative effort with his brother Victor, who was already an accomplished figurative sculptor. Focusing their talents on classical and contemporary dance, Javier and Victor rapidly became known as "The Sculptors of the Ballerinas", as they created award-winning and highly lauded dance figures.

In 1987, the brothers had one of their creative dreams realized. The Gannett Organization (parent company to USA Today) commissioned them to create two larger-than-life-size bronze figures. At a grand unveiling, "Restful Moment", by Victor, and "Jogger" by Javier, became a centerpiece in the company's world headquarters in Washington, D.C.

With a desire to "bring Life" to his sculptures, Javier has created a collection of dancers that combines classically draped figures with flowing movement. With the skill of a master foundry-man and the insight of a "sculptor supreme", he has positioned his dancers on polished steel bases to spin and revolve in 360 degrees of beauty. Now, from all angles, the collector can see the dancer in her moment of glory. One can almost hear the musical crescendo, feel the passion, and experience the beauty of the dance as never before. With heavenly movements, Javier's bronzes perform an eternal ballet.

Javier continues to create dramatic figures of the dance in his Mexico City foundry, where he is now passing the tradition of excellence in bronze down to his children, who, like their father, are also interested in sculpting and casting. Perhaps another great sculptor is in the making.

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