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John  Lotton


John Lotton

John Lotton was born in Illinois on October 28th, 1964. At a very young age he began his career as a glass artist. In these early years, John mostly finished and polished his father\'s work, but it was at the end of each workday that John\'s glass blowing apprenticeship really began. In the beginning of this learning period, John created glass paperweights and small pendants, which sold, rather quickly through his father\'s shop.

John\'s enthusiasm and interest in creating glass grew, while at the same time, his skills, knowledge and craftsmanship developed and allowed him to realize his vision. It is with a tremendous determination, and creative spirit that John has spent the last twenty-one years perfecting his glass art process. Driven always to challenge himself, John\'s passion is simply to create a more magnificent piece of glass than the time before.

Each Piece of John Lotton glass is hand-blown by John himself, therefore, each is unique creation in terms of color and form. John uses only the finest quality glass materials, the purest sand and chemical colorants and then carefully measures and hand-mixes these elements in an effort to create the highest quality of unique work possible. In the actual forming stages, John is working with glass that is heated to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit as he formulates layer after layer of design motif and color. John Lotton arrives at his desired forms by challenging the very laws of nature, including gravity and centrifugal force with unparalleled hand-blowing skill and shaping tools that John makes himself. After this formative period, the glass piece is ready for careful polishing or other finishing. Finally, at the end of this intense process, John signs and dates each piece of glass.

The outstanding results of John Lotton\'s life\'s work can be viewed in fine galleries and private collections across North America, Europe and Asia.

It is with great pleasure and pride that The Plaza Galleries in the Whistler Resort represents the powerful and majestic works of the very talented artist John Lotton.


Orange Free Form Vase 3 SOLD

Orange Free form Vase 2 SOLD

Orange Free Form Vase SOLD

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