Alex Cuber

Alex Cuber was born in Montreal in 1975. He studied at the Academy of Arts, where he earned a degree in graphic design and commercial art. He worked in fashion for several years, also creating his own works with a unique and refined approach. He uses mixed media, preferring mostly acrylic that he applies to hot-rolled steel.

The paradoxes in his works are ubiquitous: industrial, cold steel versus sensuality and emotion, abstract versus figurative, order through chaos. He usually begins his works with entirely abstract backgrounds and then meticulously depicts his characters very realistically. He aptly describes his work as "abstract realism", as these two aspects clash as much as they complement one another. Alex often incorporates different words painted in large letters to make a statement or suggest a meaning or a message to the viewer. In playing with duality, he creates an ambivalence that suggests a mystery that emerges from the rest of the work. Numerology also plays an important role in his paintings. Alex uses an invented code to number each piece individually, assigning it a definite place in space and time and thus giving a sense of order in apparent disorder. His art becomes a living catalogue of his work, experiences and life, inviting us in many ways to enter his rich and stylized universe.

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