Estella Fransbergen

Estella Fransbergen’s art is a celebration of the human form and the beauty of mother nature.

Born and raised in South Africa, Estella received her formal art education in the Netherlands and now lives and creates in rural Indiana, USA. These diverse life experiences exposed Estella to a range of cultures and to the beauty of nature, influences that remain integral to Estella’s work.

Each sculpture is built by hand using a coil building technique, before being exposed to primitive firing techniques of sawdust and raku. The collection of hardwood from Estella’s property and the building and tending of the fire used on each sculpture, is a ceremonial part of Estella’s artistic process. The intensity of the fire creates the beautiful and unique colours in each torso, this element of surprise and individuality in each piece further celebrates the human form.

To showcase the beauty of mother nature, each naked torso is dressed in a shower of semi precious and rare stones. Each stone tells both a visual story of shimmering light and color that the eye immediately understands and a deeper story of mineral treasures crafted over millions of years by the earth itself.  

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