Miri Rozenvain

Miri Rozenvain was born in 1998 and has painted with her family since her earliest childhood memories. This young painter grew up in the Rozenvain family of artists who have always encouraged her to develop her artistic skills and creativity. For as long as she can remember, nature and wildlife have been her primary source of inspiration. 

Creating nature scenes portraying animals, Miri paints her subjects with a vibrant and lively energy. Her earthy backgrounds are textural and abstract and she uses contrasting bright tones and intricate sculpted elements on her subjects, creating a bold focal point. She embeds tiny rough granite stones that recall the natural habitat of the animals that she depicts. Along with her remarkable animals, Miri is also known for her sculptural natural abstracts and ethereal portraits of women. 

A young woman at the beginning of a promising career, Miri is an artist who paints with freedom and spontaneity, breathing life and rhythm into each of her paintings.

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